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Prepare for the Telos token listing on ChainRift

Prepare for the Telos token listing on ChainRift

Dec 4

After months of ongoing collaboration with the Telos Foundation, the network launch is finally growing imminent, and with it, the trading of TLOS. As announced previously by the Foundation, ChainRift will be the first exchange to list TLOS trading pairs.

Launch Date

The next Go/No Go vote will happen on December, 6 at 17:00 UTC. In the meantime, testing of the main net is still being finalized, with the preliminary block producers sticking to their intentions of avoiding a premature launch. Users can easily track development progress on the Telos Launch Checklist.

In the meantime, Telos users can already create their ChainRift account and prepare for the launch and eventual trading!

Frequently asked questions “What do I need to create an account on ChainRift?”

Not much. The whole process takes less than a minute:

Choose a display name. Enter your full name and email address. Choose a password. Tick a couple checkboxes. Say you’re not a robot. Create your account. Activate your account. Use the account activation email asking you to confirm your registration (the email will be valid for 24 hours).

Get started: https://www.chainrift.com/register

“What can I use to trade TLOS?”

Users will be able to trade the TLOS/BTC and TLOS/EOS pairs on ChainRift.

“How do I make a deposit?” Log into your account. In the ‘Wallets’ section, select ‘Balances’, find the coin that you wish to make a deposit in and click the corresponding ‘Deposit’ green button. Copy the generated ‘Deposit Address’ on the page you’ve been redirected to and send your funds there.

- Do not forget to include your ‘Transfer memo’ -

“Do I need to KYC in order to trade on ChainRift?”

ChainRift strongly recommends that you verify your account. Once you’re verified, you’ll enjoy one year of zero-fee trading (effective immediately until December 31, 2019) and you’ll incre...

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