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EOS Becomes Quote Currency on HitBTC

EOS Becomes Quote Currency on HitBTC EOS will be among the leading digital assets in a new set of pairs with multiple coins and tokens.

EOS (EOS) will expand its influence within the crypto ecosystem as it becomes one of the quote currencies on HitBTC. This means the digital coin will be the basis for new pairs, raising both its own liquidity and that of niche assets.


While Bitcoin (BTC) remains the “settlement currency” with more than 33% of total trading volumes, some coins have also been active in forming pairs. Ethereum (ETH) is the most prominent, but Litecoin (LTC) and even DogeCoin (DOGE) also give liquidity to some assets.

HitBTC has a reputation for quickly adding up-and-coming assets. The exchange already has 783 pairs, predominantly against BTC, ETH, Tether (USDT), and, to a lesser extent, DAI. Volumes as of September 12 were above $275 million. HitBTC is a crypto-exclusive exchange, with dollar prices only quoted as a proxy measure.

Pairings with various crypto assets produce different valuations, and EOS is yet to show its effect as a settlement currency. It has remained relatively stable in the current market slide, standing at around $5 as of 9:45 UTC on Thursday. EOS volumes also consistently place it among the most actively traded coins, ranking fourth at present with 4.74% of total crypto market volumes.

EOS prices have retreated to the range last seen in March and April, unraveling from the short-term rally around the mainnet launch. Since then, EOS trading volumes have been relatively consistent, often going above $800 million in 24 hours.

The coin now predominantly trades on the DOBI Trade exchange, where more than 22% of volumes are concentrated. OKEx and Huobi are also important markets, and EOS has serious support from USDT trading - more than 47% of all EOS are traded back and forth with USDT. This also means EOS traders look more at doll...

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