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$12 Million EOS Hack Foiled by Block Producers

Hackers almost got away with 2M EOS (approx. $12M in value) It was the first time that a hack was discovered by the Block Producers Blacklisting of accounts should be prompted once an investigation has been exhausted

Even though EOS Price and RAM had only a slight change over the week, there were 20K new accounts created as of present, which is considered a high compared to the last 2 months. With that, the activity surged to 1.5MM transactions on a daily basis.

Success Comes at a Price

With the recent success, comes the price of attracting hackers and here is a story of how a 2M EOS hack was caught by Block Producers, as the hack was detected and investigated by a group of BPs led by Sw/eden, EOSRio, EOSDac, shEOS, and Jem.

An estimated $12M worth of EOS rescued by the BP.  Whoever the attacker is, they tried to obscure the transactions after it the hack using random accounts.

Eric from Jem, added that the hackers have sent 23k EOS to one of the newly created accounts, the gm34qnqrepqt; then as soon as that was done, had quickly sent out 20k to another new account, gt3ftnqrrpqp, which in turn sent 16.3k to another new account,gtwvtqptrpqp, and from there 10k to another new account – the gm31qndrspqr; which in turn sent 6k to another newly created account lxl2atucpyos. The memo of the first transfer however, stated that it was a “refund”.

Blacklisting – at what cost?

Igor from the EOSRio, searched the account name and found it on the “EOS 911” group. So as soon as this was identified, Eric from Sw/eden contacted the account owner after creating “iwashackeda1” using the original keys from gm3dcnqgenes, which was the original account in question.

Transaction of the verified owner with the original keys for the account: https://bloks.io/transaction/a3d919d638bd8750d46078e815d87ca02936affb80f08de25c9b905bd66371c1

Once the transfer was made, it was 100% verified that the owner had the correct private key from th...

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