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Controversy Always Seems to Follow Charles Hoskinson: A Tale of Arrogance, Greed, Dishonesty, and Incompetence

Charles Hoskinson is a figure that most know in the crypto community. And, after all, why shouldn’t they?

He was one of the co-founders of Ethereum and, after being unceremoniously fired from that protocol, he stumbled onto Ethereum Classic, where he was once again ostracized from that community as well.

Always one to outdo himself, Charles spent a brief time on $LSK, before again leaving that project to finally work ‘full-time’ (IOHK resources are still invested in a competitor, $ETC among others), on Cardano. However, even on a project where he is the lead developer, Charles still cannot seem to stay out of controversy in the crypto community.

Why is Everyone Against Charles Hoskinson?

Charles is one of many that have asked this question repeatedly in the public sphere.

Perhaps it stems from the bullying of female reporters: Source:

Or consistent ‘rage quits’ off of the entire social network when he feels that he has been victimized too frequently:

(1/2) Well it appears a meaningful part of the Twitter mob apparently cannot understand my point and are in instashame mode. Some of the ethereum crowd are even digging up my time at ethereum claiming I did nothing or was just a promoter. This is what Twitter has become Or for outlandish displays of arrogance such as this one: Source:

And then following up with a threat to the team for not dropping everything to answer Your Highness:

@bitcoinbella_ @metamask_io We’ll be sure to return the favor if they ever have any questions about daedalus, zencash, ethereum classic, cardano, or the other projects we are working on

That is to such an extent that other community members must call him out:


Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t draw things back to the beginning — followi...

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