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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Answers Community Questions in Surprise AMA

Before traveling to South Korea, IOHK and Cardano cofounder Charles Hoskinson hosted a surprise AMA for the Cardano community. During the two-hour long session, Hoskinson answered questions about his health and lifestyle, along with some pressing questions about Cardano. The session consisted of “Bonus Questions” — queries that he has often faced and some live questions by the community.

Answering Questions About Health and Lifestyle

Hoskinson picked some questions from the community beforehand to answer during the AMA. One question he answered was:

“How do you run a company, travel hundreds of days a year and deal with all the stress?”

Hoskinson noted that he had problems maintaining his weight since he has to travel around the world and eat various cuisine and therefore cannot maintain a stable diet. He talked about how he went from 242 pounds to 220 pounds in six months, following an intermittent fasting schedule. He also talked about using a ketogenic diet to handle his weight.

He said that he has a “thin skin,” because of which it becomes difficult to handle criticisms as he becomes globally known. However, now he finds it easy to manage negative comments.

Comments on Elon Musk and Cardano

Hoskinson commented on the importance of people in an organization who “can say no to you and can say maybe you should try something else,” adding that living like a king in a “cult of personality” and having “lots of people that boost you up” could help in lowering stress but could also make one prone to amplifying the mistakes one makes. He said that if someone at Tesla could tell Elon Musk whenever something goes wrong or tell him that he shouldn’t have sent that tweet, things would have been better.

He also answered a question about peer review where one user asked if the process slows down development. He said that several competing teams work together to create a process and sometimes one gets ahead of the others. H...

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