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Incredible article about the true health of the Lightning Network. You might be surprised at what the typical visualizations miss.

Them Lightning Network Nodes Sure Do Look Centralized To Me! What Gives? (It’s just your eyes playing tricks on you)

Person A: Look at the Lightning Network, it’s amazing & it’s growing so fast!

Person B: Look at those central hubs, doesn’t look that amazing to me!

Person C: Well, Lightning is still in its infancy, people don’t want to “risk” their Bitcoin on the off-chance the software glitches. Or maybe they just want to wait until they can actually use it for something they specifically find useful, which doesn’t exist yet because these kinds of things grow organically, and merchant adoption will take just as much time as Bitcoin originally took.

Person B: No you don’t understand…LOOK at those HUBS, just look! You can SEE them! They’re right there! *proceeds to circle them in MS Paint*

This is a reoccurring sequence of events, and it’s gotten to the point where I figured I should just throw something together that people can reference when this comes up. It happens so often because it’s easy to do, and it appeals to the lowest common denominator of people: People who have no idea what they’re looking at, even if they think they do.

The easiest way to counter pictures that do things like this is to mention what I said on that Reddit post above, that it’s a visual illusion. Then demonstrate that visually, so people see what you mean, just like they saw the original incorrect information. I’ve done it a few times already, but I never have the last one handy, so I always end up doing everything below again. This time we all have this article handy.

So does the “hub” below stand out at all prior to me highlighting it?

No? Well what about this “hub”:

Both of these are equal in size or larger to the ones that stand out that are circled above, but you can’t see them at all unless you select them. The fact of the matter is, this network graph actually does a really terri...

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