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C4 - Announcing the CCSSA

The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium was excited to announce our next certification, the CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor (CCSSA), at Hoshocon in Las Vegas today. The CCSSA identifies individuals who possess the knowledge, expertise and capability to assess private key operations (creation, storage, signing, etc.) against the ten domains of the CCSS. This continues C4's mission to mature the cryptocurrency industry by providing a level playing field for evaluating and reporting on an organization’s capabilities to adequately safeguard blockchain assets.

Ronald Stoner, the exam's coordinator, made the announcement during his presentation, with C4 directors Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Michael Perklin, and Joshua McDougall on site for the announcement.

CCSS covers a list of 10 security aspects of an information system that stores, transacts with, or accepts cryptocurrencies. An information system is a collection of technologies (hardware and/or software), personnel, policies and procedures that work together to provide a secure environment. A security aspect is a discrete technique of securing one piece of an information system. The minimum consistant value of all 10 aspects determines an information system’s overall score within three (3) levels of increasing security: Level I is the lowest and offers while still representing strong security measures, while Level III is the highest and offers the most comprehensive security.

Practice questions are currently available on the C4 site at The full program will be rolled out in the next quarter, so stay tuned.

Thank you to HoshoCon for all the work put into the first security-focused blockchain conference, and especially their support of C4 and the CCSSA launch!

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