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This is our roadmap of upcoming features: everything we’re brainstorming and have in development, you’ll be able to find here. If you’re experiencing any problems or have any questions or just want to say hi, please feel free to ping us.

Release 1.8 In development

ICO Support

Add custom transaction. ICO support that are not added to exchanges yet.

Fiat support

Add fiat position to your portfolio.

Buy price in BTC and ETH

You can now set you buy price in crypto.

Release 2.0 In development

Historical data

Track your portfolio performance over time with performance charts.

Release 2.1 In development

Sync your wallet

Sync your portfolio balance with your wallet address. If you’re a miner, you will be able to automatically sync and track all your mining profits.

Release 2.2 In development

New widgets

Stealth mode. More details are coming soon...

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Upcoming 2.3 Upcoming

iOS app

Android app

Upcoming 2.4 Upcoming

Split holdings view

You will be able to see the performance on each transaction with a new "Split holdings" view

Recently Viewed widget

Keep track all coin you recently viewed.

Upcoming 2.5 Upcoming

API + Real-time data

Track your performance with real-time data.

Upcoming 2.6 Upcoming


Notifications about portfolio performance, breaking news, and more.

Stealth feature

Stay tuned, more details are coming...

Upcoming 2.7 Upcoming


Explore new investment opportunities. Stay tuned, more details are coming...

Weekly portfolio report

Portfolio weekly performance report (total gains/losses, most/least profitable coins, and a lot more juicy data about your holdings and the crypto market)

Account settings

Password change and the ability to add, remove, or edit your dashboard widgets

Comments notifications

Users with Public portfolio will receive notification for every new comment.

Upcoming 2.8 Upcoming

Data-driven analytics

Smart signals delivered to you by deep data-driven analysis of your portfolio performance.

On production 1.9 Live

Coin v2

Most advanced coin page with loads of new data & insights.

On production 1.7 [UI Update] Live

Price range update

Display coin price period for 3 and 6 month.

Market Cap columns update

Display coin price period for 3, 6 month and 1 year. Add % change to Market cap and vol per coin.

Portfolio and watchlist update

Display coin 24h Vol and MarketCap per coin on portfolio and watchlist.

Custom "Total invested"

"Total invested" value can be manually customized.

New charts

Charts for Market Cap, Vol, and BTC dominance.

"Total invested" currency converter bug fix

On production 1.6 Live


Create a price alert.

News Aggregator

Top news from Reddit, Twitter and Youtube.

On production 1.5 Live


Create more than one portfolio.

Public portfolio

Share your portfolio with custom view settings.

On production 1.4 Live

News feed v3

Introducing the new version of the news feed on every coin and news pages with more relevant info signals about the crypto space.


Keep track of the coins you are interested in. Get the latest news.

On production 1.3 Live

Social bot

Follow us on slack, and to receive TOP-4 trending news daily.

Upcoming ICO's v2

ICO widget will be more informative.

Coin page

Detailed coin stats, graphs, analytics, news etc.

On production 1.2 Live

Portfolio rebalancing

User will be able to calculate how to rebalance his/her portfolio.

Advanced portfolio editing

As a user, you will be able to set a price paid per coin/trade, calculate your ROI.


Ability to display holding and market data in your local currency.


Detailed up-to-date news page about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

On production 1.1 Live

Mobile optimization

Optimize code to make user experience faster and smoother across all mobile devices. Optimize, optimize, optimize.

Upcoming ICO's v1

Widget allows users to track current, past and upcoming ICO's (7d period)

On production 1.0 Live


Moving site to HTTPS to protect users data.