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I’ve been looking at Zilswap the last few days. Whoa. I’m waiting for 50% of my Zil to unstake right now from Atomic, but I seriously feel like grabbing 25K Zil right now to get in on this. Is there any way to place buy and sell orders? Or is this like a Coinbase thing? I’m looking at Carbon, ZLP, ZYF. I just began my research. I see people saying good things about SERG, but these gains are large enough that I’m having trouble matching up “value with price.” My crypto portfolio has been just VeChain, HBAR, and Zil for quite a while- I like to put my money into things that have REAL value. Besides GZIL and GSWAP, what are the cryptos here that you guys are really impressed with? What here has serious utility? Also- again- can I place buy/sell orders?
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