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Basically title... If those of you are wondering why hasn’t ZIL pumped? It is pretty obvious. Zilliqa has never really seemed to care about expanding US presence. I am going to hear oh the NFTs this and that. But seriously just ask any US trader and explain to them Zilliqa. They still have no clue what it is and never will to be frank. I wonder how many people go to zilswap.io in America see that you cant buy it and think ZIL is some baby project. Its been three years two bull runs and ZILLIQA still doesnt think they need to push the US presence. We hear news about expanding in Asia etc. but tbh that is getting to be a broken record. It is really starting to feel like a pipe dream for Zilliqa being listed on coinbase and them pushing US based things. This really saddens me as i Stake 80% of my ZIL and a good amount. Why for the life me does Zilliqa seem to do NOTHING for America. Go to all zilliqa traded 90% on binance. Meaning literally less than 10% of ZIL traded is by Americans that is Disgustingly low and why we dont “pump” Again i stake and in this for the long haul but Zilliqa start doing more for Americans NOW.
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