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Zilswap didn't swap any of my PORT

Noob question alert - had my first hand at swapping PORT for ZIL via Zilswap. I put in my Moonlet address as the receiving address, and didn't adjust any settings from the confirmation pop-up (I didn't change the Gas Limit / Nonce). However after the transaction completed none of my PORT actually got swapped and the [Viewblock](https://viewblock.io/zilliqa/tx/0x462cce18e1e09a7bb067ea561ce829e20bf797899af648b7b5d6dde30a24968a) is saying that 0 ZIL was sent, and a 0.848 ZIL was charged. Why is this the case? As of right now my Zilpay wallet still has the 3 PORT but the 0.848 ZIL fee is already deducted from my Zilpay wallet.
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