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Zillqa Price update

Recently i have been doing updates on zilliqa as is has been creeping into the top 15 24hr volume of the overall market. i got his info from [livecoinmarket.com](https://livecoinmarket.com). a few days ago i posted this chart: https://i.redd.it/om2fzep4dz811.png after i explained we should see a retracement soon to relieve the oversold conditions on the daily chart. as an update we have seen the retracement continue [i will save this chart for future reference but for now i feel you all deserve a less messy chart for the short term so you can get some nice bags. of one of the \\"hottest alt coins\\" as Doug Polk would say...poor guy. all he has left is poker:\( lol](https://i.redd.it/h5549mscdz811.png) below i posted a few fresh charts with some info explaining them i hope you enjoy! keep in mind in order to keep bullish senarios in the market right now bitcoin must be going up so lets first look at bitcoin Disclaimer i do not provide tax, legal or accounting advice. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors before engaging in any transaction https://i.redd.it/pwj6dmwqhz811.png bitcoin seems to be hitting some resistance which with the falling volume is not good. without a spike in volume this week we can expect to see btc go back to 5800 if not lower. if this is the case that is does go lower we can expect zilliqa to follow and return to its 1000 sats level. below i will post a chart showing what will happen to zilliqa if btc cannot break 7000 in [unfortunately there isn't much support at its current level so i would say it needs some gas before it goes up again. i would buy any from 1000-1200 sats and enjoy the ride to 3k plus](https://i.redd.it/ka1c4mpfiz811.png) if this info was helpful to you feel free to send me a donation reflecting your experience: Zilliqa (ERC...
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