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Unstoppable Domains - Killer application built on Zilliqa ?

Unstoppable domains makes the internet censorship resistant and censorship immune. Instead of relying on centralized services to buy and sell domain names (eg, Namecheap or GoDaddy), Unstoppable domains uses decentralized platforms Ethereum and Zilliqa Blockchain as a neutral 3rd party. This gives registered domains censorship immunity as no government or entity can restrict or remove access to that domain. To further improve on censorship resistance, it’s possible to host the content on the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS) a decentralized hosting service where content cannot be removed.

One of the first uses of Unstoppable Domains is the creation of easy to remember cryptocurrency addresses. One thing that scares people away from cryptocurrency is the address. A long mixture of letters and numbers almost freezes crypto users whenever they want to send or receive their digital wealth. However this can be simplified with Unstoppable Domains into a “.zil” or “.crypto” domain, such as boxmining.zil.

What is Unstoppable Domains? Unstoppable Domains Logo

Unstoppable Domains has been working on its technology since 2017. They are software development company utilizing blockchain technology to give power back to the people and to ease the way people and cryptocurrencies interact.

To enhance the interaction, Unstoppable Domains has borrowed some ideas from the internet both at current age and during its early days. For example, during the early days of the internet, users had to cram IP addresses, which were the only way to send messages from one person to the other. Although the system worked, memorizing numbers and periods “.” was just too much.

To overcome the challenge, the IP address was placed behind the scenes and brought in the Domain Name Service (DNS). The DNS system made it simpler since a human-readable address was provided, and in the background, it was tied to the complicated IP address. Therefore, an internet user just typed...

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