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Zilliqa has truly been life changing

I currently live in Venezuela and crypto has changed my life over the past 3 years. I was living pay-check to pay check without understanding how and why people manage to break out of poverty and into a better life. I started by saving about 88billion Bolivars ($0.25) a day for months during the bear market and was stacking as much Zilliqa and bitcoin as I could manage. This snowballed into an amount of money I only dreamed of owning. Recently I went to access my wallet and saw that all my Zilliqa was gone and sent to a different address. I think I was hacked and it’s was heartbreaking to see everything I’ve worked for gone… I only had around 1000 Zilliqa in total but to me it felt like a lot of money. If anyone can help me out to get back to my goal then that would be so helpful. I have taken security much more seriously now and will not make that mistake again. Here is my address if anyone is feeling generous enough to donate zil1g7lhg4hm7q649pa4v9v36apjfp937xpgzuyeyk. Any amount is appreciated
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