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In the last year, the decentralized finance (DeFi) space has absolutely exploded with innovation, and the rate at which new DeFi applications and platforms are launching makes it difficult to stay on top of the market. 

While many of these can be considered vaporware or overhyped, some promising projects have been operating under the radar, and are gearing up to take the spotlight in the coming months. Here, we take a look at five projects that are still flying below most people’s radar — for now. 


When it comes to DeFi, Metaverse  is definitely the elephant in the room. 

Though there have been literally dozens of blockchains that claim to pose a real threat to Ethereum's dominance as a hub for DeFi applications and decentralized applications — Metaverse is arguably one of the few that can be taken seriously. 

This is because it's an entirely new interoperable blockchain built on the Substrate framework — the same technology popularized by Polkadot. The upcoming Metaverse mainnet, aptly named ‘Hyperspace’ leverages a hybrid consensus (POW + POS) mechanism to maximize security while enabling a transaction throughput that hasn’t been seen in competing platforms. 

Meanwhile, the Metaverse Virtual Machine (MVM) is completely compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine — meaning developers can easily migrate their dApps to Metaverse with minimal changes. Upon doing so, they’ll find gas costs practically eliminated, while still benefiting from the same robust capabilities needed for powerful DeFi apps. 


With the Metaverse Hyperspace mainnet now just weeks away from launch, now is the time to start paying attention. 


EasyFi Photo: EasyFi

Open lending platforms are an incredibly popular DeFi use case, and now represent three of the ten most popular DeFi apps on the Ethereum blockchain. 

But while hundreds of th...

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