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ZIL annual staking ROI 92.90% at Pancake

I am currently staking my ZIL on Moonlet. But, I am so much wondering that Pancakeswap offers 92.90%. How can this be real and why do many of you still stake with Moonlet. Moonlet offers only 15%
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Embark on your Zillacracy journey today

Are you a designer, coder, social influencer, or even a project waiting to start up?Then Zillacracy could be for you! Apply for jobs and get rewarded sweet $Zil.#Zilliqa @zilliqa @Zillacracy @ProofofM...
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The Zilliqa.domains domain name is up for auction

The Internet's DNS system is too centralized. A decentralized name system, like Ethereum's ENS, is needed on the greener, faster Zilliqa blockchain as well. Start by buying this domain!<br><br>Domain ...