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What is stopping Zil price to slowly go up?

I am unable to understand the reasons for the stagnant price of Zil. The whole platform is well thought of, applications are live, Zilswap is easy to use, marketing efforts are in place... What is stopping the price to go up?
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Embark on your Zillacracy journey today

Are you a designer, coder, social influencer, or even a project waiting to start up?Then Zillacracy could be for you! Apply for jobs and get rewarded sweet $Zil.#Zilliqa @zilliqa @Zillacracy @ProofofM...
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The Zilliqa.domains domain name is up for auction

The Internet's DNS system is too centralized. A decentralized name system, like Ethereum's ENS, is needed on the greener, faster Zilliqa blockchain as well. Start by buying this domain!<br><br>Domain ...