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Merchant Token (MTO) ICO | DEFI | POS - Consumer protection. Similar to Paypal but for Crypto

**About HIPS Payment Group Ltd (hips.com)** HIPS Payment Group Ltd. is a provider of innovative and cost-effective e-commerce and mobile payment solutions. Built on cutting-edge technology, Hips is disrupting the finance industry with its Payment gateway for Point of Sale, e-commerce, and m-commerce, a fully integrated, digital financial commerce platform with full reconciliation and financing support. HIPS Merchant Protocol (HMP), the Hips Merchant Protocol Gateway (HMP-gateway) and the governing Merchant Token (MTO) is a solution that introduces consumer protection concepts from the traditional card payment industry to any blockchain with support for smart contracts like Ethereum, Cardano (ADA) or Solana, which we believe is the missing piece for crypto payments to have a market penetration and acceptance among mainstream consumers. HIPS Merchant Blockchain is the native blockchain for HMP and Merchant Coin (MEO), optimized for real-time Merchant transactions created for Payment Service Providers (PSP) and EFTPOS devices with full support for backward compatible financial protocols like ISO8583 enabling crypto payments in standard terminal messages, using the existing terminal, and card scheme infrastructures for crypto payments in Hips Merchant Blockchain. **ICO Lanchpad:** [**https://ico.merchanttoken.org**](https://merchanttoken.org/?ref=T4JQJ9Y49) **Merchant Token Website:** [**https://merchanttoken.org**](https://merchanttoken.org/?ref=T4JQJ9Y49) **Legal** **Blockchain Platform:** Ethereum **Country limitations:** US, Canada **Registration country:** Sweden **Registration year:** 2020 **Office address:** Strandgatan 1, Halmstad, Sweden **Details** **Public sales:** Apr 01, 2021 - Jun 30, 2021 **Pre-sale token supply:** 5,000,000 MTO **Token Supply for ICO:** 50,000,000 MTO **Total tokens for sale:** 55,000,000 MTO **Max Token supply:** 100,000,000 MTO **Current Phase of ICO:** 60 of 100 **Fully Diluted MC:** $79,000,000 **Hard...
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