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Is GZill working for anyone else?...

I started staking some of my Zilliqa but I'm not sure if I did so correctly?... ​ I sent it to a compliant wallet and then began staking on the *stake.z****illiqa****.com* website. I did this about 12 hours ago but my wallet has a little pending icon that says ''triggered'' with a loading icon next to it. So I'm not sure if that means my $Zill is still being sent over 12 hours later or if it's just some old notification. When I enter my wallet's address to the website it says I've staked 0 rewards. Can anyone with personal experience tell me whether I have to wait over 24 hours before I see a yield of some kind?... Similarly, I've staked ADA on Atomic Wallet for over a week and yet to yield rewards despite paying a small fee to stake it.
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