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Gaming NFTs - a huge opportunity

Does anyone know if Zilliqa is operating within the gaming NFT scene or if they have plans to? I've just been reading up on Polygon's work with Axie Infinity which seems really impressive. I avoid most things on ETH due to ridiculous fees and it being unsustainable but I think this is an area Zil should really move towards and FAST! I know Zilliqa is trying to carve out a space in NFT's and it makes sense to merge this with gaming NFT's. The concept of earning while playing games and also digital licensing for resale looks like a great opportunity. I wonder if the Zilliqa team are putting any effort in to actively head-hunting projects like Axie Infinity to move to the network? It would be great if they made a hire or put money towards actively poaching project from the ETH network instead of hoping they will move over by themselves. Actively selling your product eats passive marketing for breakfast. If anyone can expand on the above that would be awesome, maybe someone from the Zilliqa team could give their thoughts if this is something they've looked at? Thanks Edit: Good example of NFT games - https://playtoearn.net/blockchaingames
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