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Can SOMEBODY please explain me how to unstake my ZIL apart from a filthy horde of scammers ?

It is the fourth time I am leaving a message here and really hope that this time somebody genuine and true will help me and not suggest me to log on some scammy platform. I have staked some of my ZIL on the Atomic Wallet Pool (the first on the list) via my Zilpay wallet. I am aware that there a manage option in order to unstake but here is the QUESTION...why do I have to send my stake to the ATOMIC WALLET pool address and cannot send my stake to my ZILPAY address ? please not that I do not own ANY ATOMIC WALLET . Sorry to act out a little bit on fire but This level of confusion is just unreal and the time to get an answer really annoying. No scammers please...I have enough of you and I know how to spot your moves. Cheers
Go to self.zilliqa
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