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Guys zili price dipped a bit right now since the btc mini crash so its a perfect time to enter the market buy the diiip i just bouth 20k zili when the btc gona go back up its gona explode And look at this article:[square just brought 170million worth of btc ](https://finance.yahoo.com/news/square-buys-170-million-more-in-bitcoin-to-boost-crypto-holdings-222926163.html) Square just brought 170 million worth of btc. Millions guys millions its only a matter of time so embarque on the train 🚀🚀🚀 [zili uptrending](https://imgshare.io/image/3495aee8-1bbb-4219-aef2-19207934d708.p50N7Y) (This is not a financial advice)
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ZilSwap TVL exceeded $50m!

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ZilSwap TVL exceeded $50m!

... And here we go! @ZilSwap TVL exceeded $50m 🎉$ZWAPAPY: 0.66% dailyMcap: $26m$GZILAPY: 0.51% dailyMcap: $29m$Zil #Zilliqa #DEX #DeFi #Farming #BSC pic.twitter.com/h263e1QVW9— Domen T. (@DomOnChain...