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A note from our leadership team - Amrit Kumar

A note from our leadership team

As we near three months since our mainnet launch, we wanted to reflect on our progress thus far and look to the future.

At Zilliqa, our goal has always been to enable a future where decentralized technologies will play a pivotal role in our everyday lives, radically shaping how we will live, work, pay, and play.

In 2019, we have succeeded in launching a high throughput public platform, have developed a secure smart contract language and can make transactions at a tiny fraction of the cost of other public blockchains. In fact, in recent transactions, for the price of a 1BTC transfer, you can make 40,000 transfers on ZIL.

We are now ready to drive mass adoption through impactful partnerships across a variety of sectors.


In 2017, we first announced our partnership and pilot project, Project Proton, with leading global advertising agency Mindshare, a $30 billion turnover company. We set out to explore the use of the Zilliqa blockchain in mitigating industry challenges such as ad fraud and inefficiency in settlement. In March, Project Proton successfully ran its first live campaign on the Zilliqa blockchain for PepsiCo.

In this campaign, we recorded a 28% increase in efficiency in terms of costs for viewable impressions, by running the campaign through smart contracts on the Zilliqa blockchain versus the standard campaign. With this innovation, Mindshare could analyze campaign data from multiple sources and optimize campaign budgets on a daily basis. We will continue to work with Mindshare to expand the alliance and develop more features on smart contracts to include more media performance metrics.

On another parallel vertical, we started working on Hg Exchange which will be the first member-driven exchange in Southeast Asia to support the issuance and trading of private company shares, including security tokens. Powered by MaiCoin and Zilliqa, H...

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