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What's the timeline for secure node application deployment?

I'm a huge fan of the Zen project and have watched it grow over the past year or so. I am curious about timeline for deployment of applications on the secure node platform. Zen has a huge network of secure nodes, which currently aren't being used for much besides paying the node operators. My question is, when will we see the secure node network implement real, consumer-facing use-cases? Although Zen has a bright future ahead of it, it doesn't yet have any "hook" that will drive adoption - for now it's a standard POW ZCash clone with an unused secure node network. And I think the demand should come from more than just the node stake reward. The scalability research is great, but scalability will only be needed if people actually use Zen. Decentralized governance is good for sustainability, but what is the vision of the platform we are sustaining? What will be the big use-cases to drive new adoption, and when can we expect them?
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