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If I had an asic...

Ahh, the bubbly optimism from the z9 buyers as they rape a coin till it's broken forever. A gentle reminder, asics are only hugely profitable in the presence of predominantly gpu mined coin. Versus other asics, you'll derive no more profit than a gpu, likely even less. As the gpu's leave, your profit will drop in lockstep. Keep calling them crybabies and such and drive them out, PLEASE. If I owned an asic, I'd be begging the gpu's to stay, encouraging them etc. because I'm decent at math, and I know what happens when they're gone. Speaking of myself, I moved on to BTG 144-5, because I can, because I run gpu's (made a killing on the fork). My advice to other gpu's clinging to hope :( Move on. Fourth quarter is too late. It's already too late. Zen is an asic coin now. The longer you hold out, the longer asics will reap huge profits at your expense. The faster you all move to new coins, the faster your asic nemesis will realize despair. Vosk already sold his z9. He knows what's coming. He warned you twice. "You're makin a deal with the devil" "You're makin a deal with the devil" Tnx zen team you guys were good. Paralysis by analysis, happens to the best of us.
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