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ZCL · 200w - Zclassic community's continuity plan, open for feedback and discussion

We are the Zclassic Community Development Team. We are the organic continuation of the vibrant Zclassic Community that launched Bitcoin Private into being. We are in no way preempting other groups from making their own proposal or from starting their own efforts. We are in no way preempting the Bitcoin Private team in their further plans about Zclassic. All our volunteer efforts and contributions are made in the community spirit to maintain both Zclassic code and network and to further promote its properties of antifragility, openness and decentralization. Zclassic MUST be ROBUST. Zclassic community's continuity plan (this is originally partly based on this list: as the first and foremost fork of Zcash and the most immaculate version of zk-SNARKs with just the Founders' Tax removed from its code, Zclassic has great historical, technological, and philosophical value in the world of cryptocurrency, if not in the world itself — No Taxation without Representation! alternate and continuing developers of Zclassic code have been testing an updated version at par with the core code of Zcash 1.0.14 full node client and experimenting with a user-friendly alternate ZCL wallet based on Electron wrapper as a front-end, both of which we encourage users and collaborators to try and test: we intend to skip merging code changes from Zcash 1.0.15 and go straight to integrating development for an initial version of 1.1.0 codenamed #OverWinter scheduled for May, and implement a network upgrade later in June or July after thorough discussion with the Zclassic community and in consultation with miners, mining pool operators, previous maintainers of Zclassic code and the Bitcoin Private Team the foregoing proposed schedule may be subject to change accordingly after such discussion and consultation with the wider community it is our intention to continue developing Zclassic independently, as well as to keep in pace with developmen...
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