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ZcashQT Android mobile wallet now available for Beta testing!

I’m happy to announce that zec-qt-wallet is building a companion app for Android mobile phones. It allows users that run a zec-qt-wallet node on their desktop to connect to it from their Android phones, and send/receive sapling transactions from their Android phone.

I’m looking for a few beta testers to test out the android app before the public release in the next couple of weeks. If you have a zec-qt-wallet node running and an Android phone, please read on.

Screenshots & Video

Video demo:


What it is Zec-Qt Wallet Android is a mobile app that connects to your desktop zec-qt-wallet using end-to-end encryption, and serves as a front-end on your Android phone. It lets you send and receive shielded and transparent transactions from your phone.

It is not a light-wallet, which is a separate protocol being developer. Your wallet and private keys are still held on the desktop. The Android app merely connects to your desktop and allows you to send/receive transactions from there.

What features are available

Simply scan a QR code displayed on your desktop to connect your phone. No username/password or any other config. Automatic end-to-end encryption from your phone to desktop View list of recent transactions, and view transaction details including memos Send a Sapling Tx. All Tx types are supported (zaddr -> taddr, zaddr->zaddr, taddr->taddr, taddr->zaddr) and include a memo field as well. Watch unconfirmed transactions and wait for confirmation.

What are the limitations

The Android phone needs a direct connection to your desktop. If you are on the same Wifi network, this will work seamlessly. (Support for connecting over the internet, without messing with firewalls/port forwarding etc… is coming soon!) Old-style sprout addresses are not supported

Want to beta-test the Android App? If you are interested in beta testing the android app, please commen...

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