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Zcash 2019 Blossom Network Upgrade - via Zooko. Features: "Harmony" Mining with time-lock rewards, Faster Blocks, and more...

zooko: I know a lot of people (but not all people) on this forum have said they really hate the time-locking of alg-B mining rewards piece! I value your presence in the community (especially Peter from Flypool!) and I value your opinions, but after extensive consideration and consultation with a lot of parties, I’ve decided that it is better for the users and the entire network to go ahead with that piece.

@Zooko, you have still not come out with any proofs the time-locking will have the effects you are looking for. Why cant you release some information to ease our minds? I have asked and asked and asked for ANYTHING that shows this is a good idea, any proof / study / research / tests …ANYTHING and you have would be nice to see. Unless you have zero documentation showing this will do what you want…

Im sad to see Zcash keep repeating mistakes that are clear to most people on these forums.

But no, please keep listening to the “people I talked with and agree”…

The “majority” of people are not computer literate, they dont know about tech, they dont know what PoW is, they dont know the effects this dual PoW change will have on the network or miners, it does not effect them.

But I guess you should listen to them over everyone screaming at you on the forums how this is a bad idea, and ignore the only PROOFS I have seen so far showing this has security concerns.

Why is this being pushed forth? There is NOTHING backing DualPoW and Time-locking no research/studies/proofs/etc nothing to back up this idea and INFACT the only research I have seen put forth so far has shown it has a major security concern.

Zooko… All we keep asking for is some type of proof. Or maybe WHY you think this way, and what has lead you to this conclusion? Why do you feel so strongly that this is the right choice? How many “experts” have you talked to about this? What studies have shown you this is the correct choice.? What sources do yo...

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