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We need to talk and it is serious - you will hate me

We need to talk. And you will not like it. Price is not important if there is almost no forward movement. If there is almost no technical improvement project will die. As Zcash shiller I need a reason to shill. THERE ARE NO ACTUALY QUALITY WORKING ORIGINAL ZCAHS MOBILE WALLETS! ZecLite on Gplay does not work (it crushes immediatley) and when it work it is absolutely WITHOUT ANY BASIC SECURITY DEFENSES. It lacks password when screen changes, lacks password when sending funds, lack encrypted access to private keys and mnemonic. I have contacted support repeatadly - no response. No improvment nothing!!!! This is incredibly bad compared almost to any other quality crypto. There is absolutely needed immediate action to improve this. Nighthawk wallet is another catastrophy! Today I did not even find it on GooglePlay. Last time I tried it, it did not work! This is a joke! And Zcash is calling itself great crypto project? Are you kidding me? Next: You will hate me. Desktop original apps are ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE AND BUGGY. An ordinary user have big troubles how to import private keys (1 line is ridiculous requirement), for some reason keys to transparent addresses do not work without any explanation and info. One cannot choose from which address funds should go (i think full node yes, lite node not ??). Monero GUI is perfect piece of software, also basic Bitcoin core is far, far better, with clear options to backup wallet. ​ With this absolute lack of development conviction the project will die or will slowly suffer. And all your price hype is worth nothing. Just look at Monero how incredibly active development team is - just announced first working atomic swaps btc/xmr. Bitcoin will activate taproot, Bitcoin core is great as is in basic functionality... And retards from Zcash do not even have quality original wallets? Are you kidding me? ​ It needs to change fast. We do not have even basics! Why I am so angry? Because the project is great mathemati...
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