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More technical questions about ZecWallet Lite

ZecWallet Lite; A Couple Questions Several weeks ago I started playing around with testnet ZEC. To that end, I have this far tried to use a full node in conjunction with both the Zcash CLI and ZecWallet Full Node.  However, from what I gather neither of them support mnemonic seed phrases, which I would very much prefer in order to make my backup situation much easier. From what I understand, this feature has yet to be merged into the full node version of ZecWallet, so I must use ZecWallet Lite. So far so good.  I still have a couple unresolved issues though: It appears to me that both t-addresses and z-addresses are generated deterministically from the seed; can anyone confirm this for me? Is it possible to use ZecWallet Lite with testnet ZEC?  If so, would I set this by editing the zcash.conf file? What sort of data about my wallet is being shared with the remote node when I use this wallet? Where can I find the PGP keys to verify my download of this application?  Can anyone confirm the key fingerprint for me here, out of band? I would like to use Qubes to achieve separation of public and private keys; for those not familiar with Qubes the process is conceptually similar to air-gapped cold storage. What do I need to know in order to split master public keys from my seed?  Is there anything special I need to know about signing transactions in an offline environment with ZecWallet Lite? Thanks for the help, I hope to have my ZEC off Coinbase, into the shielded pool, very soon. 
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