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Lost my ZEC from Guarda Wallet; Any thoughts?

Hello, Just wanted to share and ask your thoughts if my funds are permanently gone? the incident happened months ago, I think april of 2020. I used the Shielded Guard mobile wallet to transfer some Zec from my T address to my z address, then from the z address to ankther z address (another phone, but also using shielded guarda). the Z address to Z address was bradcasted and even got confirmations. But the funds didn't arrived on the destination address. I tried importing the destination wallet to other wallets but in hopes that it was only a syncing problem. but still not there. I reached guarda support and after long investigation they've said that it could be crypto graphic related?, I was using an old android version which probably cause an error when I sent a Z to Z address which caused a lost of fund. 😢😢😢😢 is that even possible? any thoughts? is it really gone?
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