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LOL! Craig Wright claims he can make Zcash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR) Transactions Traceable

Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed “Satoshi” and chief scientist at nChain is now claiming that he is developing the technology to make Zcash and Monero transactions traceable.

Dr.Craig Steven Wright along with Coingeek’s Calvin Ayre is one of the main proponents of Bitcoin SV which is a Hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The narrative crafted around BSV is that Bitcoin is not supposed to be anonymous or go against law enforcement but work with the government in order to gain mass adoption.

Now the self-proclaimed “Satoshi Nakamoto” seems to be going after privacy-focused Cryptocurrencies like Zcash and Monero. In a recent interview with Ran Neuner of CNBC Crypto trader he said:


ECash was anonymous, far more than Zcash or Monero. so one of the things I’ve been working on that I’m going to be releasing later this year first to people like law enforcement and then others will be how to kill Zcash, how to kill monero, etc. If you have a privacy coin I will show you that it is basically it as private as running through time square with your pants around your ankles.

He then took on Twitter to claim that he is working on a “Technology” solution that will make the privacy coins more traceable, he said that he will be giving the “Technology” to law enforcement and help them to catch criminals that are using these privacy coins.

Yes, I can make ZCash and Monero completely traceable… A means to start monitoring it all and attributing. And, responsible disclosure is not those teams. Have a nice life. — Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

He also tweeted:

Not my issue, you use an anon coin, a crime coin as this is all they really are, and you are in many countries already committing a crime. So, I would rather teach the Feds how to stop this than help a bunch of losers help criminals — Dr Craig S Wright (@ProfFaustus) March 5, 2019

He also went after the smart contract platform Ethere...

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