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DAEC. A new regulatory body for crypto. Sign the petition.

It is clear that the SEC should have zero authority when it comes to the regulation of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. You can not apply old laws and attempt to govern this new promising industry of digital assets. A new set of laws and governing body needs to be created. I propose the DAEC. The Digital Asset Exchange Commision.  The SEC is destroying the promise of cryptocurrency and the US is behind countries like China, Japan, South Korea and others who have embraced this industry and are fostering innovation.  Can we risk becoming irrelevant in the new world of digital assets?  Crypto is the future of money. It is a new asset class that needs it’s own unique set of rules and regulations. We need a new tech savvy commissioner and regulating body that understands these technologies and can best guide the US in this age of financial disruption. John Clayton and the SEC  is not the answer. 

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