CZcash Prost: Zcash Bitcoin Discord Price Analysis, End of Month February ZEC-BTC


Zcash-Bitcoin chart remains in a primary bearish trend, the chart analysis draws a comparison to the great 2018-2019 crypto bear market cycle.

Price re-entered the low volatility, low volume bottom range - sub 0019, compared to the last visit this current visit is showing stickiness. Volume flows continue to dry up indicating that there is not a live market in this price range.

The conclusion demands that a rapid move much higher or lower is likely. Continuation sideways and lower is expected for the next few months or even an entire year remains as the primary thesis.

Zcash continues to be negatively affected by multiple damaging fundamental situations (blockchain spam, wallet sync issues, high relative inflation, low social sentiment, regulatory attacks, exchange delisting, inhibited 2023-2024 roadmap)

ZEC-BTC bear market fractal projection analysis