Building FPGA/ASIC miner for ZCash...

self.zec1m ago
My company is in FPGA/ASIC design and we have built FPGA Miners for various coins till now. Recently a client wanted a FPGA for mining ZCash with a plan to eventually migrate to ASIC. Normally I take a working opensource cpu miner as a reference design, use it to study the algorithm and the port the Hashing function to FPGA. In case of ZCash I am struggling to find a working CPU miner. * The code at []( is 6 years old, unmaintainer and broken. * The official ZCash client comes with a warning that It will download GB's of data and is not clear on whether it is a miner or not. * My queries on the ZCash discord server are going unanswered... Zcash almost looks like abandonware! is it? Can anyone point me to a working cpu miner implementation? What is the state of art(hashrate etc.) with the current Zcash GPU/FPGA/ASIC Miners?