Arab Hyperloop AHL - - The Crypto Project Taking the Market by Storm!

Arab Hyperloop AHL - - The Crypto Project Taking the Market by Storm!

I want to start by saying that I have never been into a project growing this quickly. The community is amazing, the chart/mcap compared to the age of the token speak for themselves.

The Arabian peninsula, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia, are already rolling out some of the world´s most futuristic cities. A 4,500 km long infrastructure, allowing for 165 million passengers to travel by Hyperloop every year, while saving the atmosphere from 368 million tonnes of CO2, complements the current urban planning.

Under the initiative, Riyadh would become a transportation hub connecting cities such as Jeddah, and the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, with Virgin Hyperloop pods capable of carrying groups of 25 passengers comfortably at speeds of 1,000 km per hour.

Arab Hyper Loop Token is the official partner of this project and will not only act as a pure investor, but will also establish a payment option with cryptocurrency. In addition, for every tonne of CO2 saved, a certain percentage of Arab Hyperloop cryptocurrency are invested in new technologies to support carbonization progress.

The system would also allow for safer social distancing, thanks to the small group sizes, lack of frequent stops, and adaptive artificial intelligence, which would allow for additional pods to be added, as necessary.

Usage of tokenized assets

A big benefit is given in time-, location- or event-based conversions between different assets represented by the various types of Hyperloop tokens, like the case of:

- Suspension of a Hyperloop route: Option to convert “Distance Token X” to “Taxi Token Y”

- Train delay: Subsidized conversion of distance tokens to hotel tokens or subsidized supply of food vouchers

- Advertisement: Airdrop of vouchers for specific events at specific locations

- These conversions could be offered automatically, based on specific parameters which would - trigger the clauses programmed in a set

of interdependent smart contracts.


Total supply:

Burn: 500.000.000 (50%) Liquidty: 250.000.000 (25%)

Exchange: 100.000.000 (10%)

Marketing: 100.000.000 (10%)

Early Investors: 50.000.000 (5%)

Buy: 0 %

Sell: 5 % auto reflection to all Holder 3%

auto Liquidty generator (benefit System 2%)

(Kucoin,, LBank)


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