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Community Fund Announcement

XTRABYTES would like to call attention to a newly created fund for community donations and reimbursements!

Due to never having an initial coin offering (ICO) and still having the standard expenses that come with running and building any company, funding is necessary to push the initiatives set forth in each department. XFUEL was originally created as proof of concept for our PoSign algorithm and as payment for contributors to the project. This has allowed us to grow as a company without the outside funding the usual companies get from ICO’s.

The last time we had a funding call, our amazing community was there to support us with donations large and small, which were eventually reimbursed with an equal value of XFUEL (1 to 1 XBY ratio).

You can find our new community funding page at: https://fund.xtrabytes.global

What will the donations be used for?

The proceeds from the community fund will be used for, but are not limited to:

exchange listing fees, marketing budgets, license costs for software, administrative expenses (document registrations), and various other key areas which require funding.

What type of donations do you accept?

We currently accept (3) currencies:

Bitcoin (BTC) 1PyHLvTgmkaQdiqqCTmAzvt3W4FFmik28n    Litecoin (LTC) LbN722e8CTzAYLiGpNdGZZiXYzNmX6rp9c   XTRABYTES (XBY) BQNvpF6bxBQiEcquAbEH2q5FjPViuF78CE   

When donating in any of the aforementioned currencies, an equivalent amount of XFUEL will be returned for the donation you made. This means that you can exchange your BTC, LTC, ETH (coming soon) or XBY for XFUEL while helping XTRABYTES progress.

Is there a limit for reimbursements?

XTRABYTES has currently set a limit of 100,000 XFUEL to be reimbursed. This means that after the equivalent has been donated in other currencies, reimbursements are no longer made. In short: first come, first serve. It is also worth noting we are not applying a hard cap per perso...

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