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XRP: We Will Persuade the Masses!

Being the best is not enough.

Apple is the best at smart phones, but they know very well that marketing and getting the word out is a key factor.  It’s necessary to persuade buyers!

Like Apple, Ripple has the best product as well; XRP.   It is unrivaled in its use cases as a crypto-currency.  I believe in XRP so strongly that I sometimes have to remind myself that new investors may prefer to learn it for themselves.

I tend to be impatient and sometimes argumentative – I’ve studied the crypto industry from 2013 onward.  I’ve seen the new ideas, the new crypto-coins, the recent ICO craze, and the ups and downs of the price movements.  I’m used to these things, and through all of the excitement, I’ve never lost track of just how amazing XRP is, and how it is currently transforming banking.

But that’s me.

What about ignorant people that have just stumbled into crypto investing with Bitcoin?  What about those retail investors who have heard rumors of massive returns, but are too frightened to risk even a small amount of their portfolio on something that they might consider too risky?

Embarrass Yourself Once Per Day

Great advice, right?  I know, it’s never easy starting up a conversation with a stranger, or even a family member or friend in some cases, about topics that tend to be more technical and difficult to comprehend.

But try it out.  If we all make a point of having one  conversation per day about XRP with somebody new, or maybe even a group at lunchtime, word will spread across the world faster than you would care to understand!

Importance of Investment Security

We need to be able to talk to these new people, and address what their (and our) concerns might be.  I can tell you honestly that I hesitate to suggest to many of my own friends and family that they get into crypto currency investing, because I know that securing your investment is one of the keys to being successful – in addition ...

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