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Xrp: Silencing your critics... Knowledge bombs in 3.2.1

I always hear people complaining about xrp and it has no value and banks won’t use it etc. First any statements like that are ridiculous xrp does hold value currently .26 usd worth. Secondly as far as banks go Ripple can’t just walk in banks and sell xrp it’s impractical. Ripples strategy is a pretty simple sales concept... find the customer needs provide the solution. The banking industry has a need, that need being faster cross border payments, real time settling and a way to save money. Ripple has the solution the products they have solve those problems rather easily. It’s a lot easier to sell a product as a solution then to convince an entire industry built on traditional currency to stop doing things the way they have since creation. The first step has always been getting banks on board by finding a solution to there problems Ripple is clearly succeeding in doing this. With some banks currently on board without xrp and some with xrp this creates competition in the market place. Ripple products are definitely faster and more effective using its native currency xrp. Institutions using the xrp will be step ahead of the places not using it, this creates the need for xrp, Where there is need there is value. If you don’t like the coin that’s fine, but make no mistake about it Ripple has a team,a vision, and a strategy. Jay Z once said “men lie women lie numbers don’t” 100 clients including MAJOR banks is not something that happens by accident. Ripple has a plan and based on numbers the plan is playing out exactly the way it was intended too. If your going to bet always bet on a winner now go buy 10,000 Xrp :)
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