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[Opinion] BTC will drop; XRP will rise over the weekend

The sharp upward slope of Bitcoin moving from $4920 to $5150 occurred over approximately 40 minutes. 20 minutes **earlier**, XRP had already dropped to .255xx USD. This timing suggests that the XRP drop was NOT a result of the BTC bump. Rather, it was a temporary withdrawal of assets needed to initiate a pump of BTC. We know that XRP's price is heavily affected by wealthy market manipulators, and this activity is clearly a result of them pumping BTC for short term profits. They know that without them, XRP will not shoot through the roof in a day, so it's safe for them to assume that they can reenter the XRP market with their BTC profits. They'll still want to cash in on hype surrounding Swell, so lots of money will flow back to XRP into the weekend. Whether or not the price shoots up from there will obviously be dependent on events at Swell. TL;DR; This is a very small, temporary dip caused by people making profit when and where they can. We'll still see strong support going into next week.
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