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Need Help: Trying to withdraw some $ from my account with GateHub

Recently, I have been trying to cash out some of my USD so that I can buy myself some new stuff. And here is what happened: I withdrew $500 USD from my wallet on GateHub. Today I received $450 USD in my bank account. My bank charged me $15 USD (it shows on my statement), that's fine. According to GateHub's fee schedule, I was charged by 0.1%(min $15, Max 130), so I would be charged $15 USD in this case. Then I do my Math: 500 - 15 - 15 = 470. Oh crap, I am still short by $20 USD. Does anyone know what might be going on in this transaction? Lovely GateHub does not show any details on the transaction fee they charged what so ever. All I see from GateHub is -500 USD from my account.
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