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Future Proof your Portfolio with XRP

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Crypto

Part of good, sound investment advice is usually to diversify.  For those that invest in crypto-currency, it’s sage advice.  The typical investors in crypto that I’ve encountered all fall into one of several categories, but each has one thing in common – they are risk takers.

A recent survey discovered that, as you’d expect to see, the demographic points to relatively younger men – those that are looking for higher-risk investment returns. 1

Investment risk-taking is great – it’s what keeps the dream alive for a lot of new technology that’s now attempting to enter the crypto space.  Buyers are making their bets on a variety of opportunities, including the ICOs for new crypto-currencies.

But when it comes to reducing the risk of an entire portfolio, there is no better strategy than to study what the future is most likely to bring for each opportunity:

Does the technology anticipate a trend or is it just following and responding? Does the technology have a lot of competitors that can do the same thing?

Both of these questions should reveal much about your choices.  And when it comes to XRP, your investment is pointed squarely at the future of payments.

XRP is the Ultimate at Doing Payments

When you make an investment in XRP, you are making an investment in a company which has publicly stated that their intentions for the crypto-currency.  Miguel Vias (Ripple Head of XRP Markets) recently stated:

“XRP…. is primarily designed for cross-border payments.  The value derived from usage of value transfer across borders.” 2

So good is Ripple at payments, that it’s not only just about cross-border transfers of value to some customers;  the Ripple banking consortium in Japan is interested in using Ripple for processing domestic payments as well. 3

To say that XRP is the best crypto at doing payments is almost like staring at the sun and saying “wow that’s the br...

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