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I'm curious to hear what people think the moon is and when we will land. Please correct me if I got any numbers wrong.... and I say we as someone who is looking to take his first position. Ripple has stated they will be putting up 1 billion xrp available each month for 55 months. Looking at supply side numbers that's 2.74 million per day roughly. Sure at a price of 25 cents that is plenty doable to not only maintain price but drive it up. But looking at say if the price is 10 dollars 100 dollars or 1000 dollars that is 27.4 million, 274 million and 2.740 billion dollars a day of NEW investment that would be required just to maintain those prices. Given that the barriers to entry are still high for crypto currencies and old money will likely not enter the crypto market as quickly as we would like and that are xrp is only a piece of the crypto pie where money will flow into. I tend to see myself quite bearish compared to the people who think it will rival bitcoin's price... but I am bullish overall obviously. Ripple has also stated how important it thinks price stability is and if it wants to appeal to the old guard of financial institutions that is very important and anyone who knows anything about level 2s knows the lower the price the thicker the support. I think as long as xrp escrow is doing its thing for 4-5 years, to match the flood of supply I don't really see it breaking $5 and afterwards I really have no idea but at that point if everything goes to plan it might be worth cashing in xrp and looking into if ripple will IPO depending on the environment at the time. Now 5 dollars in 5 years is still about a 20x multiplier which would definitely be a moon, I'm just not sure if people are anticipating earth's moon or jupiter's. Thoughts?
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