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Coinseed - Acorns for cryptocurrencies - Android launched, iOS coming soon

Hi everyone, I'm happy to present [Coinseed](https://www.coinseed.co/)'s [Android App](https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coinseed). Coinseed is a micro-investment app where you can invest your spare change in multiple cryptocurrencies. Connect your cards, create your portfolio and everything else will be done automatically. At the moment, we have 7 currencies: **Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and ZCash**. And we'll continue to add more currencies in the future. Also, **our iOS version** is coming soon, hopefully within this week. The greatest part is that **we don't have an exchange fee**. Other apps use Coinbase which has a crazy high fixed fee on micro-purchases ($0.99 for $5, i.e. 20%). Also, we use an ACH payment processor and the fee is very small ($0.04 for $5). So we'll even cover that. However, at the moment we don't allow cryptocurrency withdrawals. If you want to withdraw your asset, we'll sell it and send you the amount in USD. This is our payment processor's requirement to prevent fraud and also not to be labeled as a cryptocurrency exchange which will add unnecessary burdens. In other words, we are an investment service rather than an exchange. However, we may enable it depending on the fraud rate and also the payment processor's decision. **As for fee**, we have 2 options to choose from: $1 monthly fixed fee or 10% of your monthly profit (no profit, no fee). $1 monthly fixed fee is the default but you can change it. As for our iOS app, it is still waiting for an approval from Apple. We had listed **Neo** and **OMG**, however, Apple didn't accept them even though we sent info such as their market caps and what they do. So we had to remove them and resubmit the app. It's really strange that they allowed DogeCoin, but not OMG and Neo. We tested the app with very small group, so if you encounter any bugs or strange behaviors, please let us know. We have a chat within the app. So it will be very easy. Thank yo...
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