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Amazing news! XRP is Live

Awesome day so far. XRP is live trading between U.S and Mexico. My Twitter blew up today. I tweeted a full hour before Ripple tweeted about the live use. Here is my proof https://twitter.com/Riordan_85/status/917741954238173184 It was well before people here got the news. By that time, the run had started. If you were trading and got caught at .248, you just missed the nice run.. Perfect for the Slack channel. I receive any notification on the group if XRP news is released. If you are a member of the group, you will have access to the notifications as well. We all made sure we were holding before the run. I am setting up a trade idea, but it will be after the price runs into the 27s. Big sell wall still looms at .28 I think we reach the upper .27s and then fall back. Then we can break .28. The other idea is it breaks through 28 without much resistance. Either case, holding until confirmation of the trend before making a trade. Until that point, hold. It is much safer to just hold and let it play out. We did manage to erase the correction from yesterday. That is a great sign for moving forward. Make no mistake, this is big news for Ripple. They signed up partners across the globe, broke into Latin America, and is now live with XRapid between U.S. and Mexico. This sets up a live use case to promote to other countries. That is big long term for Ripple and XRP You want access to the Slack group to get first hand access to news releases and a group to talk all things XRP and trading. Sign up at patreon.com/riordan_85. Great day to be a holder of xrp!
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