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100 members and $15 Billion

Ripple is already doing what some say is one of the most valuable uses of Bitcoin - to move money. Ripple and their XRP token have 100 members on board and $15B in reserves, they are toppling global money movement. Think WesterUnion, SWIFT, and your bank - all in one platform which also happens to be instant. Not T+3 or even T+2 or 3-5 business days, instant. The higher XRP rises in secondary markets, the more influence Ripple has to further their vision. XRP is $0.256 USD as I’m writing this. Some call for $1 by years end = $65B reserves. You can do the upward math from here. We are all looking forward to Swell. The old saying goes, buy on the rumors and sell on the news. But this is crypto so I’m hodling all the way through. [https://www.ft.com/content/8dcd3fa4-adbb-11e7-beba-5521c713abf4?mhq5j=e7!](https://www.ft.com/content/8dcd3fa4-adbb-11e7-beba-5521c713abf4?mhq5j=e7)
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