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WINGS API Specification and Guide for Custom ICO Contracts Integration

Introducing the WINGS API Specification and Guide for Custom ICO Contracts Integration

Starting with Bancor’s Token Generation Event in June of 2017 until now the WINGS community has had been forecasting on the success of 44 Ethereum-based crowdfunding events to date. All the the forecast contracts and their respective rewards contracts on the WINGS Dapp ( to date have involved a good amount of manual labor; each project also provided their own ICO contract. The arduous process of the last 9 months has allowed us time to better understand and build a standardized set of interfaces integrating custom Ethereum-based ICO contracts into the WINGS system.

The prime objective of WINGS is to provide technology-based contracting infrastructure for interest-based tribes spanning the globe to engage in trusted, reputation-based collaboration on opportunity curation, price discovery and funding oriented around the transfer of value for a desired output. If organizations and economies are the sum of contracts between individual entities, then WINGS aims to be the how and where such multi-party contracts are enacted using Ethereum as the contract enforcement layer.

In the WINGS beta we introduce the ability for projects to use a template driven ICO contract generator which is fully integrated with forecasting and rewards contracts (see; however, we realize that projects which aim to raise greater amounts would wish to use custom ICO contracts, and yet other projects, in particular token sales and crowdfunding platforms, may wish to make use of WINGS as a general price discovery service on the Ethereum network. Hence, with that in mind we are with much long-awaited anticipation releasing our contracts API specification to the public.

The guide includes a token contract example with a minting function along with step-by-step instructions for integrating an ICO contract with a white list feature (for th...

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