Seeing Bitcoin as property

self.Bitcoin1m ago
I've been listening and watching a fair bit of Michael Saylor's interviews and yesterday it really hit home what he was saying about Bitcoin being property; the penny dropped. I'd heard him say it previously but it hadn't truly registered with me. It makes perfect sense and when people talk of 'investing' in BTC this can be confused with investing in stocks and shares and other assets such as gold or real estate. You literally own a thing, it's in your hands but you don't have all the crap that comes with it. In the case of real estate you don't have to factor in future costs of maintenance or unexpected fees. You don't need insurance like you might for a piece of art or bottles of wine. You don't have high ongoing security costs like you would with gold. You don't have to rely on a bunch of company directors making wise decisions for your investment share to become more valuable. You don't have to worry that your fund manager is picking the right stocks at the right time. All these sorts of investments cost you either financially or mentally over time and this is often incalculable and unknown. This will eat away at your investment and is often lost when you're trying to work out the value. If you're confident in Bitcoin then you own the perfect property. Everything has a risk but to me is clear that you can dodge all those other risks by holding BTC.