Who's still here?


Nothing negative here but just a post from a former waves hodler who's coming back trying to understand how are we doing here or why most of the post have just 3 upvotes at the max? Where is everyone, it used to be a busy place. If anyone hear my voice, please give it an upvote. I already have 15k it's truly for the community visibility not for me as it looks here very quiet.

I'm still believer in Waves, I've been hodling for 5y and sold it when the price went up crazy. Just a friendly advice before I continue, once again waves or not waves, even for Bitcoin if things go up like a firework, don't just watch how nice it is because it will run out of fuel and crash down at some point.

So now I'm back in the game with a small purchase but I was thinking to add a bit more. Many crap things can be said about this project but we can't say it's a scam and we can't say it's dead. Not sure if you agree with me or not but I feel Sasha is just having his little business here , running and making him money, but I don't think it will ever go back in the top 50 even to be honest.

What about you guys, I just wanted to take some pulse and see if you are feeling about this project to be on track for another ATH or not? Again I know this is a regular project but there will a lot of greed likely in 2024-26. I do suspect we'll see waves in and around 100$ or if not at least 50$ maybe. Why it wouldn't what do you think , any thoughts?