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Web3 Apps and Products: Trustless, Synergistic and Monetizable.

Web3 Apps and Products: Trustless, Synergistic and Monetizable.

We live in the era of tectonic shifts in society and technology. The shape of the future world is still quite vague, and changing all the time. Futuristic concepts that have been proposed not so long ago stop making sense or need to be adjusted. One thing is obvious — development of the Internet will be crucial for the development of the world we live in, and what happens to the Internet will essentially happen to the world.

The concept of Web3.0 that emerged almost twenty years ago acquires a more tangible shape only now. Because of the emergence of the blockchain technology we are starting seeing some products that can be called Web3 prototypes. It’s still too early to lay out the standards for the future Web, we might need some more products to actually understand what those standards should be. On the other hand, we could define Web3 products essentials, since now we have all the major ingredients for building applications that are essentially different from the applications we are accustomed to now.

Web1, the original Internet, was just a collection of interlinked documents with very little interactivity. Web2, the Web we use now, is interactive but centralized, it essentially mimics the structure of human society with ineffective vertical structures, controlling but at the same time vulnerable. Current Internet infrastructure quite often brings out the worst in society: due to the increased number of social connections we get fragmentation and segmentation on steroids — despite its global nature the Internet paradoxically leads to less, not more, connectivity in many cases.

Web3 was proposed as Semantic Web, a Web of Meaning. It might sound different from the Web3 we have in mind now, but if we look more closely we’ll see that it’s not really the case. “Semantic” in this setting means understandable by computers and running according to protocols, decentralization is ess...

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